Cordless Hedge Cutters: Easiest And Greenest Way To Maintain Your Garden

Professionals and serious gardeners used to avoid battery-powered tools because these machines were unable to compete with their petrol versions, especially in terms of power and continuous operation. However, things are different now. Due to advancement in technology, now you can find battery dependent tools that are powerful and offers prolonged runtime that also without polluting the environment or creating an excess of noise.

Some of the cordless hedge trimmers illustrate this rare combination of power and convenience.  Whether you are a humble gardener or hard-working professional, you can use these batteries powered machines for intensive hedge care. Today, we will talk about some of the situations wherein cordless hedge cutters overshadows their corded and petrol variants.

A Cordless Machine Can Work Virtually Anywhere

Electric hedge cutters are not new. However, the early machines required a mains power outlet to operate. The arrangement is sufficient for a small garden, but about bigger areas? An extension box might be the answer.

Connecting cables could be a risk factor, especially if you are a newcomer. Moreover, a corded tool has limited access that entirely depends upon their power cable. Overall, mains powered hedge cutter provides you with an easy and pollution less way for hedge maintenance. But they are only suitable for smaller areas. Choose a perfect product from Gardengrower best cordless hedge trimmer UK.

A cordless hedge trimmer gives you the same ease of use, but without any restriction of power strings. It’s useful if you are working in a large area wherein the hedges are far from any power outlets. With a cordless gardening tool, you can enjoy a fume-free and quiet hedge cutting that also without excess operational cost or high maintenance that’s usually required for petrol engines.

Homeowners might feel confused while looking for a high quality cordless hedge trimmer. Primarily because there is a wide range of impressive products available to browse. Bosch, Black & Decker, and VonHaus are some of the reputed manufacturers for battery dependent hedge maintenance tools. You can try Bosch AHS 50-20 LI that draws power from a 2.5 Ah battery and has a lightweight design (2.5 kg). The cordless is suitable for medium-sized gardens and you can easily manoeuvre it because of a compact design.

Bosch is not the only brand that you can browse. Check the BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless or Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845. Both of them are affordable options and provides you with unmatched trimming results. Then there are powerful cordless trimmers like WORX WG284E.9 that uses a couple of 20V batteries for extra power and higher runtime. It has a 60 cm blade, so it can even maintain a forest for you.

Commercial Grade Trimming Without Any Noise, Fumes or Noise

Modern cordless hedge trimmers use Lithium-ion batteries that can compete with the petrol versions in terms of power and reliability.  Even if you are a commercial or professional user, try a cordless hedge maintenance machine as an alternate of high maintenance petrol versions.

Cordless machines are beneficial for professionals because they often use their machines in areas that are away from power outlets. So, a battery dependent version could be very user friendly and versatile when you need to maintain some hedges away from electric sources.

A battery dependent hedge trimmer works with minimal vibrations, low sound levels and zero carbon emissions. These factors make sure that you are not disturbing our planet and also keeps yourself safe from multiple health issues that can arise due to high noise and excess of vibrations. Apart from that, cordless machines are also suitable for noise-sensitive areas, including hospitals, schools and corporate offices.

There are multiple commercial grade cordless hedge cutters are available. For instance, WORX WG284E.9 is one of the best professional-grade battery dependent hedge cutter. But, it does not include a battery pack. Keep in mind that an impressive runtime is a crucial requirement for tools that you will use on commercial sites. Here, we suggest you invest in a spare cell. With a backup battery, you can enjoy virtually unlimited runtime.


Cordless gardening machines are the future; we cannot doubt that. If you want to choose one of the best battery hedge cutters, then try to find it according to its battery, required runtime, blade length, and weight. Do not choose an expensive option if you will not use it regularly.

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