Datacenter Technical Cleaning

Everyone considers data center downtimes; cyber-attacks, storage crash, fire, storm, and other alarming mission failures.

However, none of us know that dust and debris can also be a reason for downtime. Yes, they cannot crash the hard drive, but

What About Power Failures?

Without a regular cleaning program, you are putting the data center under considerable risk.

Even if there are less dust and grime that cannot lead to power failures, they will degrade the life of your IT equipment.

Planned Cleaning Programs

We talked about the problem, but what could be the possible solution? A scheduled cleaning program can be a good one. Regular and proper cleaning is essential to maintain the health of a data center.

Even if you invest time and money, but the cleaning staff or services are not following the right process, you will not get the desired results. So, the whole procedure should be adequately planned and then executed with proper guidance and leadership.

If you have not done it already, invest in a strategic cleaning of your data center to extend the life of your data center equipment.

After a strategic cleaning process, the data center machines will not suck up dust particles circulating in the atmosphere, only to work in a lag. Several machines may also lead to chemical build-up after prolonged use.

These are the reasons why the preventative measure is required inside the data center so that the internal components can work on time and benefit your business.

Moreover, there will not be any damage to the fragile equipment, and they will live an extended and fault free life.

Areas That Need Consideration

Dust and grime can survive anywhere: places you have not even considered. Whether you have an internal cleaning staff or you have contacted professional services, ask them to clean the following areas.

Subfloor Surface: Use a commercial vacuum to clean the subfloor plenum to remove all the contaminants. Make sure you choose an heavy duty vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration that can assure proper containment of all the dust particles and microbial. I prefer wet/dry vacuum or a cylinder vacuum for better surface cleaning.

Raised Floor Surface: You will need a commercial vacuum and damp mop to clean the raised floored surface. Clean it using the vacuum and mop the area of the raised surface panels. If you are using chemicals, use only those approved for data center cleaning.

Exterior Equipment Surfaces: Use a commercial vacuum with high-quality filtration to remove dust particles from the exterior part of the cabinets, racks, servers, workstations, and other devices. Do not touch or engage with the technical equipment or related components while they are active and working.

Interior Server Cabinet: A commercial vacuum with appropriate attachment is what you need to clean the outer part of servers, its enclosure, and exhaust fans. You can use an anti-static vacuum attachment to clean the internal part of its cabinet.

Ceilings: Easy access to your machines is from the top. So, clean the drop ceiling tiles using a commercial vacuum with advanced filtration.

Apart from taking care of the areas mentioned above, you can follow some primary rules to take better care of the data center and internal components.

  • Maintain a schedule to clean the floor once a week.
  • Once a year, clean area under the floors
  • Use a damp mop to clean the floor once a quarter.
  • Cleaning data center equipment and its components once a quarter.

Improve The Efficiency of Your Data Center; Now

If you see degraded processing speed, slow file retrieving, or some networking lag in your working environment. You should check the hardware or try to upgrade it.

However, before that, do not forget to get all of them cleaned so that they can work as fresh as new. Cleaning a data center will cost nothing in front of the costly data and machines you have inside it.

Moreover, regular cleaning will enhance the life of a data center machines and devices. Plus, it will maintain the efficiency of all the data critical machines that are required to give fast results.

It’s beneficial to contact a professional cleaning company. You will be amazed to see the results. If you do not want to invest in services, then hire your cleaning staff and suggest they follow the given tips.

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