Tips For Miter Saw Maintenance

The miter saw is one of the handiest power-tool and woodworker can own. Due to the diversity of the woodwork projects that the miter saw can handle, it is used more often than it is designed for, and when this happens it can break down easily. This is not good, because if anyone has such good tools at their disposal, losing it will be bad.

But do not worry because we got you covered with our full-proof tips on how to best take care of your miter saw. Without much stalling here are tips on how to take the best care of your miter saw.

Great Maintenance Tips For A Miter Saw

  • Always keep it clean

Most people underestimate the effect of keeping their woodworking tools clean, and this is the wrong way to go about basically any tool one might own. A miter saw chops woods into bits and in the process of doing this, it produces debris in the form of saw-dust.

If you let this saw-dust accumulate it will not only make your miter saw dirty and aesthetically unpleasing but, the accumulation will also cause the blades and other metallic components of the saw to rust.

To get rid of the debris in the form of saw-dust accumulated on the miter saw, you can use a blower to blow it off, and then proceed to clean it up with a dry towel.

Then, you must not forget about the blade, make sure you wear protective gloves when doing this so you do not hurt yourself. The blade of the miter saw can be cleaned with a special cleaning brush. Do this at least once a week and keep your miter saw from breaking down unexpectedly.

  • Keep the moving parts lubricated

We all know that if you want a power-tool with moving parts working effortlessly, you have to keep it lubricated always. If you do not do this, the fiction on the power-tool will increase so much so that they will get worn out or even breakdown. And this will cost you a whole lot of money to repair.

All you need to do to avoid this is to always buy the best lubricant, by the best lubricants, we mean the most suitable lubricant because using the wrong kind of lubricant can cause the same issue. Get the right lubricant, and lubricate the moving parts regularly and you are good to go.

  • Regular checks for damages

The truth is that with woodworking tools like the miter saw, one can never be too careful, you might do all the necessaries like the changing of the oils and regular cleaning but your power-tool will still breakdown.

The reason behind regular checkups is that there might be something wrong with your maintenance routine that is negatively affecting your miter saw but you will not know. And the only way to truly know is to do routine checks by opening it up and seeing to the fact that everything is A-Okay!

  • Cleaning the working area

Keeping a power-tool such as the miter saw in top shape is to keep it clean. Yes, that is good, but that’s is not all that has to be done, the areas surrounding the miter saw like the fences and the cutting table also have to be thoroughly clean.

If this is not done at all or done properly, then debris from these areas can accumulate and get stuck in the miter saw, and we are sure you already know what will happen when this happens. So, let us try to keep not just our miter saw clean but the surrounding areas.

Bottom Line

The versatility and credibility of the miter saw, makes it a power-tool that every woodworker wants to have, but having it is not all, as maintenance is also key.

If you use and follow our tips and maybe throw in some of yours, you will find that your miter saw works more smoothly. And efficiency is all we want. So take these tips back to your workshop, and keep your woodworking shop a power-tool haven.

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